What To Do With 2 Days in Kauai

I've been to every inhabited Hawaiian island.我从2004年开始来到夏威夷,可能是总数的10倍。To me,夏威夷是美国人的终极度假胜地,因为它让人感觉你在异国他乡,但你在50个州。我刚刚在考艾岛呆了两天;哪个[…]

The Big Island of Hawaii for SPG Amex

Advertiser Disclosure Earlier this year,I filmed an SPG Amex video on the Big Island of Hawaii as part of my partnership with American Express and the Starwood Preferred Guest card from American Express.This is a partnership in its second year which has taken me to several cool Starwood properties including the W Hollywood […]

Life is Good at the Four Seasons Maui

万一你不知道,我非常喜欢毛伊岛。Let's be honest,谁不呢?我最近把毛伊岛列为世界上最好的30个岛屿。毛伊岛拥有一切。Maui has the phenomenal Haleakala National Park;plus you can do a lot of high-flying adventures in the sky;and […]


莫洛凯岛是夏威夷有人居住的岛屿中人口最少的,但肯定是最美丽的岛屿之一。Molokai is a step back in time;it feels like something out of the South Pacific like the Marquesas Islands or the Solomon Islands;当然不是美国。Molokai is laid back and slow-paced but there is much on […]

Where to Play Golf in Lanai

夏威夷及其岛屿是著名的高尔夫目的地。Lanai is probably the least known island for golf.However,拉奈有几个球场可以打高尔夫,而且是我开的,他们很不错!Where to play golf in Lanai basically comes down to two choices.你喜欢海滩吗?


出于某种原因,it seems that many people dismiss Lanai as being boring or too small to visit.他们显然从未见过或认识过任何人。拉奈有很多事情要做。事实上,为了我,拉奈岛与毛伊岛相提并论,成为夏威夷群岛上最好的岛屿。These 5 […]


夏威夷州有一些世界上最豪华的酒店。Maui is lined with top luxury hotels in Wailea and Kaanapali while Waikiki is littered with luxury hotels as well.What I didn't know was that there are two Four Seasons Lanai.海滩和旅馆各有一间[…]


每个人都知道毛伊岛是热带天堂。Everybody knows it is one of the most romantic destinations in the world and that the beaches and resorts are legendary.However,not everybody knows about the abundance of Maui adventures in the sky above the beautiful island.I found out firsthand how much fun they can […]

Wailea is the Ultimate in Luxury on Maui

毛伊岛有那种东西。只是提到这个名字,让你梦想着远离异域风情的土地和海滩。That's the best thing about Maui,就是这样,but closer and more accessible than lower Pacific islands.毛伊岛也是

Haleakala National Park

啊,毛伊岛……从哪里开始?我将在我的毛伊岛之旅上张贴一些帖子,因为有很多东西要写和报道,但我将从哈雷卡拉国家公园开始。If you follow me regularly,你知道我喜欢国家公园,实际上我的一个新目标是