5 Awesome Things to do in and Around Whistler

我第一次去温哥华和惠斯勒是在2002年10月,那是在我第一次辞掉工作后第一次去不列颠哥伦比亚旅行。I basically fell in love with the lifestyle in Whistler and I don't even ski.I basically just hung around,hiked,mountain biked and wasted a few weeks chilling […]

Riding Through the Canadian Rockies on the Rocky Mountaineer Train

The Rocky Mountaineer train snakes in and out of valleys of the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains.Riding through the Canadian Rockies on the Rocky Mountaineer train is the best way to see one of the God's greatest creations.British Columbia and Alberta are two of the prettiest places on the planet but in order to […]

Walking the Seawall in Stanley Park,Vancouver

Stanley Park is the heart and soul of Vancouver.It is one of the best urban parks on Earth and it is beautiful.在斯坦利公园的海堤上散步是温哥华最好的事情之一。It gives you amazing views around every curve and there are plenty of paths […]


I have been meaning to get to the Olympics for years,well for my whole life really.I am a huge Olympic fan and have watched every Olympics since 1988.Additionally,I am an Olympic historian and have been to every summer Olympic city and most of the winter sites.然而,Vancouver 2010 was the […]