How to Plan a Bachelor Party in Kiev

My third time in Ukraine was my first time there with friends.I had done the scouting out for years and couldn't wait for the opportunity to throw a bachelor/stag party in Kiev.My friend Mike finally obliged by getting engaged and then entrusted me with figuring out a suitable site and planning his bachelor […]

Chicken Kiev

I had previously been to the Ukraine in 2007 when I visited the Black Sea resort town of Odessa but was always disappointed that I wasn't able to make it up to Kiev,which was actually the only capital city in Europe I had not been to so it was a natural choice for me […]


I am a bit behind on posting again and the last few days have been super crazy and action packed.I spent some time in Odessa,Ukraine which is an old Soviet summer resort which is now a crumbling shadow of its former self.The other major Black Sea resorts in the Crimea,still in […]