Road Trip Around Bulgaria

Eastern Europe is one of my favorite places to travel.I love the history,the old communist,Iron Curtain feel and the great natural scenery.I love taking the train from city to city;it's a great way to see the countries.However,nothing beats a good,old-fashioned road trip.My buddy Jake and I […]

A Week Around Romania

Romania is an interesting place.This was my second time visiting,the first was in August 2007 and I only got to visit Bucharest,the capital.This time,我的朋友迈克和我去了黑海沿岸以外的大部分国家。罗马尼亚是东欧一个令人惊讶的地方。It […]


After the complete train heat debacle two nights ago I made it into Bucharest knowing that I only had about 14 hours in the city because I had to get to Sofia to meet my friend Mike.I managed to grab a shower and store my bag at a guesthouse where a friend of mine […]