Too Much Tallinn

I have been in Tallinn since Sunday,this is my second time in Tallinn and let me just say that 4.5 days here is plenty.The town itself,obviously the capital of Estonia,is pretty boring to be honest.The old town is nice with a lot of cool old buildings and a lovely main […]

Tha Bangkok of the Baltics

Riga,Latvia is quite a place.I had previously been there with my cousin Andy in September 2004 and had a great time and would tell anyone who would listen that Riga was a fun town but super shady,really Russian and a place where you can't trust anybody.Latvians do have a reputation for […]


Riga,Latvia is the largest of the three Baltic capitals and certainly the most cosmopolitan with everything you could ask for.里加有一个历史悠久的古镇,被列为世界遗产和波罗的海最佳夜生活。It is also awash with history,having been occupied by seemingly every […]