Majuro,马朱罗环礁Marshall Islands,潜水,Eneko,海滩,船
在过去的一个世纪里,马绍尔群岛经历了冲突。Originally settled by the Germans,the Japanese took over when they declared war on Germany in World War I.It stayed that way until the US defeated the Japanese to end World War II.Since the end of the war,the islands have been used for nuclear testing by the United States,获得了独立,现在马绍尔群岛和马朱罗岛的主要环礁都很热闹,受军方欢迎的西化地方,潜水员和游艇。
Majuro,Marshall Islands,潜水,海滩,airport
到马绍尔群岛的唯一方法是通过联合航空公司的Hopper飞到马朱罗岛。HonolulutoGuam每隔一天回来一次。Once in Majuro,you can fly Air Marshall Islands to the outer atolls including the famous Bikini Atoll.
Majuro,马朱罗环礁Marshall Islands,潜水,海滩,比基尼环礁
比基尼因哈里·杜鲁门在1946-1956年间选择进行核弹试验而闻名。据说有67次强大的核弹试验;相当于12年来每天引爆1.6枚广岛炸弹。As you may have guessed the islanders experienced a lot of health problems as a result and the US never fully rectified the situation.
Majuro,马朱罗环礁Marshall Islands,罗伯特·雷姆斯酒店RRE酒店
My Uncle David (who you may remember from some of my other trips like the小笠原渡船Chichijimaor阿尔及利亚)我飞了进去,入住了罗伯特·雷默斯酒店或是RRE酒店;这是在市中心拍的。
Majuro,马朱罗环礁Marshall Islands,潜水,海滩,罗伯特·雷姆斯酒店RRE酒店
马朱罗的首都“城市”被称为D-U-D市;它由三个岛组成。The D-U-D has all the major businesses,restaurants,马朱罗的商店和政府大楼。这是一个令人愉快的地方,但没有很多事情发生。
Laura Beach,Majuro,Marshall Islands,海滩,Marshallese
首都的亮点是吃饭时间。达尔咖啡角有丰盛的早餐和午餐,位于台塑超市的正后方;哪是吃零食或饮料的好地方。We also ate the Tide Table restaurant in the RRE and the Marshall Islands Resort restaurant.两人都同意后者的日落海景。
Majuro,马朱罗环礁Marshall Islands,潜水,Laura Beach,海滩
Majuro,马朱罗环礁Marshall Islands,潜水,Laura Beach,海滩
租车是去劳拉海滩的最好方式;which is an hours drive or so from town.It's a nice drive because you see the whole island including the Majuro Peace Park as you drive through the suburbs.
Majuro,马朱罗环礁Marshall Islands,潜水,Majuro Peace Park,二战纪念馆
The beach is gorgeous.You will likely be the only one there.你应该因为使用海滩而被收取一美元的费用,但是没有人在那里向我们要钱,所以我想我们还是拿着一个逃走了!
Majuro,马朱罗环礁Marshall Islands,潜水,Majuro Peace Park,二战纪念馆
Another great thing in Majuro is to catch a boat to the outer islands of the atoll.We caught a boat to Eneko and had a great day.Eneko is about seven miles or so from town via fast boat.It is a small island with a gorgeous beach.Depending on the tide,你可以很容易地在岛上走来走去,尽管你应该带拖鞋,因为太平洋那边的珊瑚很粗糙。如果你幸运的话,you'll have a little canine guide like we did.我们叫他亨利!
Majuro,马朱罗环礁Marshall Islands,潜水,Eneko,海滩
Eneko是一个远离城镇、放松一个下午的好地方。你可以划皮艇,snorkel,lie on the beach,游泳或是躺在吊床上几个小时,就像你真正的那样。Also,if you do go to Eneko or the neighboring island of Kiddenen,you can actually snorkel over a US fighter jet that was shot down in World War II.It is really cool and well worth a look.
Majuro,马朱罗环礁Marshall Islands,潜水,Eneko,海滩,hammock
Kwajelein Airport,Kwajelein,Marshall Islands,Majuro,military installation
Also,我应该提到夸杰林。夸杰林是一个由美国国防部运营的价值40亿美元的空间跟踪和导弹防御设施。60年来,该岛一直是美国核武器计划的核心。Some 2500 US military and contract workers live on Kwajelein;这是非常美国化的。I saw nice swimming pools,网球场和棒球场。This is very unusual for the Pacific islands as you might expect.
Kwajelein Airport,Kwajelein,Marshall Islands,Majuro,军事设施,看法
进入该岛受到严格限制。The only way you can stay overnight is if you have an on-island sponsor who secures your permit-apparently it is very difficult to get one.That aside,you can land on Kwajelein to be ushered to a water taxi to get to the nearby Marshall Island of Ebeye.我已经在夸杰林机场降落了两次,每次我能看到的只有天空和停机坪。
Majuro,马朱罗环礁Marshall Islands,潜水,Eneko,海滩,低潮
The Marshall Islands are a well-kept secret.这是人们去工作或做志愿者的地方之一,最终会留下来。People get used to the slow paced island life and can't leave.这些岛屿既便宜又舒适。I would definitely recommend coming down for a few days and certainly including it on a bigger tour of Micronesia.
Majuro,马朱罗环礁Marshall Islands,潜水,Eneko,海滩,pig,狗


  1. 这是一份关于马绍尔群岛的很棒的旅行报告。I would love to visit one day.It seems very peaceful and undeveloped compare to Hawaii.这些照片威廉希尔龙虎太棒了。

  2. Amazing 威廉希尔龙虎pictures Lee.Looks awesome in the Marshalls!

  3. Hey lee,amazing post and 威廉希尔龙虎pictures.我从来没有听说过马绍尔群岛,直到你开始在Facebook上发布它们,现在我着迷了,想走了!Thanks for sharing as always!

  4. Beautiful photos!

  5. How do the Marshalls compare to Micronesia?

    • Well Micronesia is a federation of 4 distinct islands and the Marshalls are essentially just Majuro atoll which is much less developed than say Pohnpei where I am now.我觉得Yap比Majuro更发达,但方式不同。They're both cool in their own ways.

  6. The story behind the Bikini Atoll was not the story I was expecting to hear when I saw the picture!我想这将是一个关于政治家和比基尼美女的疯狂故事!

  7. 优秀的文章和照片,thanks for sharing!作为加拿大西海岸多年的潜水爱好者,this has always been one part of the world I have always wanted to Dive and visit!

  8. I am pretty sure these are my favorite 威廉希尔龙虎pictures you've ever posted!WOW!

  9. Alison Starr

    我从1987年到1988年住在基利岛。你有没有花时间去很多比基尼人的生活?I am so curious as to how they are doing.

  10. 我有幸在2011年10月去马朱罗。It is exactly as you recorded it here.我见过最神奇的水。你唯一错过的是令人惊叹的生鱼片!刚从船上下来。Eneko was fabulous.I also stayed at RRE.你唤起了许多美好的回忆。我明年就回来。Many of my friends are Marshallese living in Northwest Arkansas which is home to the largest population of Marshallese outside of the islands.Thanks.

  11. Lee,I really think you need to get out more.听起来真是一次奇妙的旅行!到那里要多长时间?

  12. Lee,很好的报告,我想马上到那里!你是怎么选择来这里的?I've never even heard of it.This is why I read your site though.You write about places no other travel bloggers write about.每次你发帖的时候,这就像是一堂地理课!

    • 谢谢你的评价,派蒂!williamhill中国我真的很感激这一点,我试着写一些我喜欢偏远地方的不同地方。I chose the Marshalls because I wanted to go back and explore more than I got a chance to do the first time and also because it fit nicely with the rest of the Micronesian trip I am doing.

  13. 哇,这些照片太棒了,多美的地方啊

  14. 我出生在埃比耶,我妹妹出生在夸杰琳。We both moved to the states when we were young so we don't remember much of the islands.感谢您提供的大量信息。

  15. 真的,如果天堂存在,then paradise is here!

  16. 但是为什么不和他们摆姿势呢?

  17. 漂亮的帖子和漂亮的图片。威廉希尔龙虎很明显你的生活很有趣。Keep rolling..

  18. Hi!I was lucky enough to live on Kwajalein from 1981 to late 1984.It is everything you said and more.我最喜欢的事情之一(因为我不是潜水员)是在珊瑚礁上行走,寻找贝壳。I also had the opportunity to go to Ebeye on several occasions and attended services in their church.It's a gorgeous place.很抱歉,我们的旅行结束了,除了在那里工作,再也回不去了!

  19. 米歇尔


  20. Lived on Kwajalein (Kwaj) from 73 – 81 (4th to the end of my junior year).Visited Majuro with the girl scouts and band.Visited Pohnpei for vacation.波恩培还有朋友。Still have friends living on Kwaj.Unless you've lived there,you never understand the ties that bind all who have lived on Kwajalein.No TVs for the first four years,两个电台,没有汽车,只有自行车和出租车无新鲜牛奶(冷冻浓缩物和/或奶粉)。不会用它来交换世界。White沙滩上的水像洗澡一样温暖,80-90° year round,棕榈树,温暖的雨,the worst crime is having your bike stolen,世界上最好的学校!Look up the name Kwajalein on You Tube.

  21. Sharon Sullivan

    它是一个珍珠在海洋里。But keep in mind you can't just drop in unless you have security clearance and a job waiting.Lived on Kwaj 64′-67′.没有有线电视或卫星电视。Great years!!

  22. I grew up on Kwaj from 1959 until I graduated in 1975.My sister DeeDee was born there.This will always be home for us even though we can't show our family where we grew up,where we roller skated down the hallways of George Seitz School,how we walked to the commissary and our groceries were taxied to us!Double feature movie night at the Richardson,a theatre you ride up to on bikes and sit on benches (or perhaps cuddled with a boyfriend on a lounge chair you brought with you)!I've wonderful memories of my family growing up here!We,Moseleys在夸吉岛生活了18年。I would love to come home if only for a few weeks,just to share those memories with my husband or kids!当我们旅行到我丈夫长大的地方,他说“在那里我做了这个”或“我第一个女朋友住在那里”,我不能带他去我的家,这有点令人难过。我还是不愿意把它换成世界!I've made my best and closest friends on Kwaj and that I will always treasure!!桑迪·莫斯利绿巨人

  23. 我1975年出生在夸贾林。作为一个美国公民,我很乐意访问并欣赏任何关于如何做到这一点的建议。

    • 据我所知,你必须得到许可,并被邀请实际留在岛上,虽然我想你出生了可以解决这个问题。

    • Jen。你得找个赞助商,most likely someone you know,或者是朋友的朋友。They fill out a from called a 480 which basically is getting permission from the commander to stay for a certain amount of time.你可以随时查看美军夸贾林环礁(USAKA)的位置,there might be more information available there.祝你好运!

  24. I would say to anyone interested in visiting the Marshall Islands to do it sooner rather than later.海平面上升对马朱罗岛(Majuro)等海拔仅几英尺的岛屿造成了严重影响。I lived on Kwajalein for 10 years and very much consider it my home.Saipan is also in Micronesia and part of the Common Wealth of the Northern Marianas Islands (CNMI) and absolutely worth visiting.北马里亚纳群岛自由邦还于2006年主办了密克罗尼西亚运动会。他们也有丰富的二战历史,值得一游!

  25. 维瓦比基尼

    Thanks for the 威廉希尔龙虎pictures.I was at Bikini Atoll in 2007,我是一名西班牙公民,没有在我的护照上盖章(从檀香山起飞)…甚至在马朱罗机场海关也没有人……

  26. This is very nice,I have done this.Laura Beach,going across the lagoon for lunch,yes,这样做!You may not see a soul and be the only ones there.

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