Washington State,not Washington DC,is one of the most beautiful places in America.I have visited Washington State twice before,两次去西雅图和两次旅行都围绕着体育赛事展开——我倾向于这样做!This time,我计划在华盛顿州进行一次公路旅行,包括参观所有三个州美国国家公园在华盛顿,去西雅图郊外的朋友新开的餐馆,当然,西雅图是美国最美丽的城市之一。Here's what I did on my road trip around Washington State!


我大约在晚上9:30到达西雅图机场,got my rental car and drove up to the town just outside the entrance to North Cascades National park,called Marblemount.我没有计划任何事情,只是想我会睡在这个我以前从未听说过的门户小镇上。果然,当我终于在凌晨12:30到达时,小波顿镇的所有东西都关闭了,包括唯一的旅馆。
欢迎来到Marblemount,Washington State
I was not pleased but alas there was a number to call posted in the window of the inn.Of course,my cell phone had no service so I had to try to do something I hadn't done since 1998-use a pay phone!Honestly,太难了,我几乎不记得怎么做了,最后一次尝试,你还不必使用区号!
Washington State,sleeping in my car
That said,the number was out of service of course.So my options were limited and I was completely exhausted so I did the logical if not stupid thing and slept in the front seat of my car!I fell asleep pretty quick as I was still on east coast time and woke up just before 5am.It wasn't my first night spent in a car!
Sunrise,北瀑布国家公园,Washington State
北瀑布国家公园,Washington State
I really didn't do much prep work or research about North Cascades National Park and just picked up a map at the visitor center that was closed and went to all the recommended spots.公园里最美的景点是暗黑破坏神湖了望台。正如你在照片中看到的,它绝对是令人惊叹的,值得一游。
北瀑布国家公园,Washington State,暗黑破坏神湖了望台
北瀑布国家公园,Washington State,河
对我来说,北卡斯凯兹国家公园最棒的部分就是我基本上一个人在公园里,因为我大约早上5点到了那里。So by the time I left around 10am I had seen only like 4 other cars and zero other hikers.非常完美!
北瀑布国家公园,Washington State,看法
Mount Rainier National Park

雷尼尔山国家公园简直就是美轮美奂。没有更好的词来形容雷尼尔山周围的景色;which is the namesake and centerpiece of this great National Park.
夏季,从西雅图周围的大部分地区和雷尼尔山国家公园内都可以看到雷尼尔山。你可以从任何地方看到它。There are a few other stop-offs along the way to the Paradise Visitors Center at about a mile high altitude but Mount Rainier and the hikes around it are why you come to Mount Rainier National Park.
芒特雷尼尔Washington State,National Park
芒特雷尼尔Washington State,National Park
Aside from providing killer views of Mount Rainier,徒步旅行还可以看到雷尼尔两侧的山脉;我在脑子里讨论的,实际上更令人印象深刻。The answer is they're both fabulous.
芒特雷尼尔Washington State,国家公园,Moutains
这次徒步旅行还将展示一些真正美丽的动植物和一些凉爽的野生动物。If you're lucky you can get close enough for some photos but either way it's always fun to see animals in their natural habitat.
芒特雷尼尔Washington State,国家公园,wildlife
目前,there is a lot of construction within Mount Rainier National Park so keep that in mind if you're driving in but don't let that deter you from going.It's also $20 to get into the park per car if you don't have an annual pass-which I recommend.
芒特雷尼尔Washington State,国家公园,威廉希尔中国李阿巴蒙特

奥林匹克国家公园占据了华盛顿西部奥林匹克半岛的大部分。You can see the Olympic Mountains from pretty much anywhere on the peninsula and they are beautiful as you might guess.The best place to enter is from Port Angeles in the north of the park.
I stayed the night before in Sequim;它位于洛杉矶港东南约20英里处,所以在一小段车程之后——我在奥林匹克国家公园。我径直走向飓风岭游客中心;公园里最受欢迎的地方。
奥林匹克国家公园,Hurricane Ridge Visitors Center
游客中心的景色非常好,尤其是当所有的野花都开着的时候;我在那里的时候他们没有。So I was told that the best views and a great hike was Hurricane Hill about a mile and a half past the visitors center.I needed no more convincing and I was off.
这次远足每一个方向大约1.6英里,上升了大约700英尺。It's not that hard but some people might think it is.That said,值得一提的是,每一个参观奥林匹克国家公园的人都应该参加飓风山徒步旅行。
Upon reaching the top,你可以看到360度全方位的视野。You have great views of Mount Olympus although I think the best views of Mount Olympus are along the trail with the forest below as I have in the photo.
你还可以看到洛杉矶港和加拿大对面。You will notice a large amount of trees have been burned.That was due to a forest fire back in 2003.当太平洋西北部非常干燥或是由于人为失误时,森林火灾很常见。
奥林匹克国家公园,mountain goat
I was fortunate to catch some really good glimpses of local wildlife include some marmots and also mountain goats.The goats didn't seem too concerned with humans but the smaller and cuter marmots,不想和人类有任何关系,躲在树荫下。
seattle ferry
一点建议,if you're heading back to Seattle after Olympic National Park is to take ferries,它节省了很多时间,也节省了驾驶的麻烦。If you leave from Port Townshend,you'll also get to drive the gorgeous island of Whidbey Island before catching a further ferry to Mukilteo-just north of Seattle.
Mukilteo Ferry

After hosting an impromptu and unplanned meet-up in Lynnwood,华盛顿,在我的朋友汤姆相对较新的餐馆和酒吧叫月光烧烤,我第三次去西雅图。我住在一个可爱的,地理位置非常便利的1000号酒店。
相遇,威廉希尔中国Lee Abbamonte,月光烧烤
1000酒店是徒步探索西雅图主要景点的理想基地。Not to mention the water that filled up the tub came down from the ceiling!I also want to shout them out for their excellent customer service as I needed to have the desk print and scan 20+ pages and they didn't even bat an eye or charge me a dime-I really appreciated that.
1000酒店,西雅图Washington State,Preferred Hotels
离酒店不远的地方是派克市场,是的,他们扔鱼;although,they don't just do it all the time.要么必须有一个大订单,要么必须有足够多的人聚集在一起,如果被要求,他们通常会这样做。It's a cool thing to say you saw but really not that cool in reality-in my opinion.
派克鱼市,西雅图Washington State
派克市场仍然是一个很酷的地方,步行和一个很好的地方吃饭。I ate at some German Sausage place and it was pretty damn good.Pike Place Market is very touristy,有点类似于旧金山渔人码头,但去西雅图仍然很酷,这是必须做的。
First Starbucks,派克市场,西雅图Washington State
And yes it also is home to the very first Starbucks,started in 1971!这句台词很荒谬,所以我甚至没有考虑进去,但我拍了一张照片。It's apparently the only Starbucks in the world where you still get the original logo on your cup.But sadly I was unable to get my Venti Iced Skinny Caramel Macchiato Upside Down…luckily there are 7000 other Starbucks in Seattle!
西雅图华盛顿,SPace Needle
西雅图真的很漂亮。Most people know of the Space Needle;这对人来说真的不是那么令人印象深刻。However,most people don't realize how stunning Seattle and the entire Puget Sound area is when the weather is nice.它当然是美国最美丽的城市之一,最好的风景来自水。
西雅图Washington State,从Puget声音查看
I took an hour boat tour around the sound with Argosy Tours.The boat was a great way to see the views as I said.The only issue is they have somebody yapping on the microphone for an hour straight about useless facts.所以虽然这是一个不错的旅行,如果你靠近扬声器,你会头疼,很快就会生气。虽然你可以喝很多雨天的啤酒来抵消它!
It's also worth noting that they're completely reconstructing the waterfront area under the highway where you catch the tour.So give yourself some extra time as it's super confusing.
crab pot,蟹,西雅图华盛顿
我还建议你在螃蟹锅里吃螃蟹。与阿戈西之旅的出发地位于同一座建筑内。我从我的朋友亚当·里奇曼那里听说过关于人与食物的事,这真是太棒了。对,it's a little touristy but if the foods good-who cares,尤其是当你要戴围兜的时候!
Crab Pot西雅图Washington State
最后,I was able to get to my first Seattle Mariners since 2002 at the fantastic Safeco Field.I love the stadium and when the weather is nice there are few stadiums better to watch baseball at.Even though the Mariners have been pretty awful for about 14 years now,这仍然很有趣。
Crab Pot西雅图Washington State
Safeco is in my top five for new baseball stadiums and I've been to every stadium in the majors except for Detroit;我计划今年夏天晚些时候做。我把西雅图塞菲科球场放在了旧金山的后面,巴尔的摩匹兹堡和费城。It should be noted I am not a big fan of the new Yankee Stadium;which kills me inside!
所以那是我在华盛顿州的一次极好的旅行。I highly recommend checking out the Pacific Northwest,它真的是美国最美丽的地方之一。


  1. 华盛顿州和整个太平洋西北部是美国最美丽的地方。Thanks for highlighting that fact,Lee.

  2. 雷尼尔山是我最喜欢的国家公园。Granted,I'm a little biased growing up right by the park entrance but it really does encompass everything a NP should have.很好的照片,很高兴你有机会参加这次公路旅行。I've never been to Cascades NP.

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    Thanks for visiting our fair city!很高兴见到你!

  4. 你说得对,从声音上看西雅图最好的风景。下次你来的时候,让我和我丈夫带你去我们的帆船,这样你就不必听一个烦人的导游了。帆船总比旅游船强。So glad you had a great trip to our awesome city!

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